The Shelter

During my college years, the teaching of Francis & Edith Schaeffer impacted my mind as a developing Christ-follower. Their solid commitment to the Word of God as the primary tool for training in righteousness was compelling. They influenced how I thought about culture, how I trusted in the Lord, how I could be devoted to Christ alone, so by prayer I would obey the Spirit’s Word and practice prayer moment by moment.

I loved that they believed and practiced God’s Word themselves (they were not armchair theologians or practitioners!) and taught students who came to L’Abri (a French word that means shelter) to do the same. They believed God’s Spirit, through His Word, could transform how they thought, acted and chose.

They answered questions using the Word of God, and built into the next generation a foundation of Biblical and theological sound doctrine. In reality, they lived out L’Abri – they sheltered the minds of a new generation with ‘sound teaching’ and faithful service. Their goal at L’Abri was to provide a spiritual shelter in a physical shelter to those who came with a spiritual need. Though I never visited L’Abri, the Schaeffer’s came to me. They taught me how God’s Holy Word from beginning to end provides everything I needed for life and godliness. It is this focus that will serve us best as we huddle together in The Shelter.

  • Our prayer will be that through study and discussion, we will discover anew how adequate and sufficient the treasure of God’s Word is for guarding our hearts and minds in Christ Jesus, and how the Holy Spirit within us is able to transform us, producing His fruits, so we bring glory to the Father and the Son!
  • Our purpose as we meet together over the next year is to confirm that our greatest need is to know what God has said about Himself in His Holy Word, and to embrace our greatest responsibility as learning what God means by what He says for His glory and our good!
  • Our plan will include looking carefully at the law, the testimony, the precepts, the commandments, the fear of the Lord so we will desire it more than gold and honey. It will include meditating on and memorizing God’s eternal Word so we will not sin against our glorious God.

Under His Wings,

For more information contact Elizabeth Inrig, or call the Women’s Ministries office, (909) 335-7333, x150.