Studies by Elizabeth

Thank you for your interest in Elizabeth Inrig’s Bible Studies. We hope they will serve you well as a means to growth in your Christian life.

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$10 for one individual use copy
$3 per additional copies for use in a group study

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The ACTS of Jesus Christ through the Apostles by the Holy Spirit
(What Makes God’s Family Grow?)
Part 1: Acts 1-9 [PDF]
Part 2: Acts 10-20 [PDF]
Part 3: Acts 21-28 [PDF]

Colossians: The Key to Living – Christ IN You [PDF]

Daniel: Living in the Lion’s Den without Getting Eaten [PDF]

Threads to Hold Your Life Together:
Part 1: Deuteronomy 1-12 [PDF]
Part 2: Deuteronomy 13-34 [PDF]

Ephesians: Your Key to Living – Christ [PDF]

John: The Gospel of God
Part 1: John 1-7 [PDF]
Part 2: John 8-21 [PDF]

1, 2, 3 John and Jude: Family Matters [PDF]

Luke: Issues Women Face [PDF]

Matthew Series:
A Tax Collector Tells All: 1-5 [PDF]
The Preaching of the King: 6-11 [PDF]
Parables of the Kingdom: 12-13 [PDF]
Jesus Makes Disciples: 14-17 [PDF]
A Manual for Godly Living: 18-23 [PDF]
A Fresh Look at the Future: 24-28 [PDF]

New Testament Studies:
James: Faith that Works [PDF]
Galatians: Faith that Frees [PDF]
1&2 Thessalonians: Faith that Hopes [PDF]
1 Corinthians: Faith that Loves [PDF]
2 Corinthians: Faith that Walks in Grace [PDF]
Hebrews: Faith that Lasts
Part 1: Hebrews 1-6 [PDF]
Part 2: Hebrews 6-11 [PDF]
Part 3: Hebrews 11-13 [PDF]

Think Through the Old Testament:
Part 1: Genesis through The Exodus [PDF]
Part 2: Moses’ Final 40 to 400 Years of Silence [PDF]

1 Peter: Living with Hope [PDF]

2 Peter: Everything We Need [PDF]

Philemon: The Runaway Slave [PDF]

Philippians: The Key to Living Like Christ [PDF]

Psalms: The Life That Pleases God [PDF]

Revelation: Here Comes the King
Part 1: Revelation 1-9 [PDF]
Part 2: Revelation 10-22 [PDF]

Romans 1-3: God’s Magna Carta [PDF]

Ruth: A Woman of Purpose [PDF]

1, 2 Timothy & Titus: Company of the Committed [PDF]

Things that Matter: Studies in the Pastoral Epistles
1 Timothy: Church Matters [PDF]
Titus: God’s People Matter [PDF]
2 Timothy: God’s Servant Matters [PDF]

Titus: Lessons in Wise Living [PDF]

Other studies by topics:

Bible Basics [PDF]

Biblical Foundations
Biblical Theology of the Old Testament
Part 1: Genesis – Judges [PDF]
Part 2: Ruth – Ezra [PDF]
Part 3: Nehemiah – Song of Solomon [PDF]
Part 4: Isaiah – Malachi [PDF]
Systematic Theology
Part 1: Studies 1-21 [PDF]
Part 2: Studies 22-34 [PDF]

Discover Your Design [PDF]

Experiencing Gods Name Series:
Elohim [PDF]
Yahweh [PDF]
Adonai [PDF]

God Matters!
Part 1 [PDF]
Part 2 [PDF]

HeartStrings Mentoring [PDF]

How to Study the Bible for the REST of Your Life [PDF]

Life of Christ Series
Part 1 [PDF]
Part 2 [PDF]
Part 3 [PDF]
Part 4 [PDF]

Mentoring Matters [PDF]

One-on-One Discipleship [PDF]

People, Places, Events [PDF]

Serving Women in a Passing, Post-modern Culture [PDF]

Ten Women of Christmas [PDF]

Ten Women of Easter [PDF]