“It’s probably too late, right?”

January 21, 2015

Dear Women of Trinity,

“Is it too late to join the Bible study? It probably is because they’ve already started.” Has that thought flitted through your mind? Well, stamp it out! If we were talking about an Algebra II class, then yeah, you shouldn’t start without Algebra I. But we’re talking about God’s Word and wherever you pick up and read, He can speak to your heart and show you his greatness and goodness and transform your perspective on whatever is happening in your life!

How about this question? Have you had this thought? “I don’t think I know anybody there.” Guess what?  Most of us didn’t either when we started. And we found this to be a most welcoming place with good women (imperfect, but good) who just want to know God and be his light to those around them.

We are in Genesis 18 about now and seeing through the life of Abraham and Sarah just how powerful and redeeming and amazing their God—who is OUR God–is. They were people much like you and I in many ways…with heartaches (“Why can’t we conceive a baby?”) and fears (“Move to a place I’ve never been?”) and confusions (“I don’t quite understand what God is doing here.”). Yet God describes Abraham in Hebrews 11 as a man who lived by faith.

We want to live by faith too! And every week we come to a room full of other women who want to live by faith. Come join us as we journey together through this wonderful book that is so central to knowing God’s plan for the ages—and how we fit into it.

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In His great name,

Donna and Wendy
Women’s Ministry Co-leaders


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