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When I had my first child, one of the things I missed the most was being able to serve in ministry the way I had previously served. With young children, serving can be difficult because you are working around nap schedules, feeding times and other unpredictable scenarios. TMOMS has given me an opportunity to serve while my children are being well taken care of.

During that time, (after having our first child) my husband and I decided to not attend our Koinonia group anymore, due to all of the above situations. I remember feeling a little left out at our church, not knowing where I quite fit in. I missed those more intimate connections with other women. TMOMS instantly connected me with women who provided encouragement, support, and friendship.
On most days, my devotions are short and simple. It can be challenging to find big chunks of time to spend reading the Bible and meditating on God’s word. Bible Study provides that deeper, more challenging message that I need to hear. It pushes me to focus on connecting with God by providing accountability. I love the worship time! Usually by the time I arrive at 8:45 in the morning, I am feeling rushed, hurried, and wondering what the day will hold. But, shortly after the group begins singing and worshipping the Lord, all that stress seems to fade away. It is a nice mid-week refreshment that helps me change my perspective to think more on Christ and less on me.

How valuable the mentors are! I am grateful for the varying ages of women at Trinity who are part of our small groups! They have more life experience than me. I learn from moms in their 40’s how they juggle teenagers, homework and activities. I learn from women in their 70’s how to trust in God through all things and how to persevere. I am encouraged by all of them, as well as my peers, to continue to love God and follow Him all of my life.

Jennifer Walker serves with Women of Trinity as the Chairman of TMOMS CORE along with two other young mothers, Jodie Hylkema and Cyla O’Brien.

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