Starting Early

I made the life-changing decision to follow Christ when I was a young woman, and one month later I joined a small group Bible study in Dallas, Texas. I have often looked back and said, “Thank you, Lord, for putting me in that small group so quickly!” And it’s because of the amazing things that group did for my spiritual growth that I began to lead small groups 39 years ago.

It wasn’t long after we came to Trinity in 1991 that I started attending women’s Bible Study here and then became a small group leader in the Monday night Bible Study. It would be hard to convey how much I have grown spiritually as a result of being a part of Trinity women’s ministry. Elizabeth’s solid biblical teaching, together with the worship and discussions on Monday nights, have been invaluable. And what amazing friendships I am blessed with from all these years of changing groups.

I also love being a mentor in the TMOMs program, serving alongside an exceptional group of young mothers. It’s such an honor to serve with them. And I couldn’t forget to mention our twice-a-year teas. What’s my favorite thing about the teas…the beautiful tables…the great food…the fun atmosphere? No. It’s the fact that this event is created for one reason: to clearly present the gospel of Christ. Working on the teas is a great privilege because of this purpose.

I’m a different person today because of my involvement with Trinity Women’s Ministries. And in a culture that exalts temporal and material things, this ministry stands firmly committed to what John 17:3 tells us is the only thing that matters for eternity: Now this is eternal life: that they may know you, the only true God, and Jesus Christ, whom you have sent.

Donna Stark wears many hats with Women of Trinity. She is part of the CORE team, serves as a small group leader on Monday nights, serves as a Mentor with TMOMS and carries out countless tasks for WOT’s evangelistic outreaches at Christmas and in the spring!

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