My Cup Runneth Over

I grew up in Sunday School hearing all the stories of the Bible. Unfortunately, I became a very lazy teenager and adult and did not pursue studying God’s Word. It was with embarrassment that I began a Bible Study in my 40’s, knowing it would reveal my lack of knowledge of the 66 books God had so lovingly provided. In my 50’s I developed a hunger and thirst to dig deeper and get to know my Savior more intimately through the steady diet of the Scriptures.

When my husband and I moved from the Pasadena area to Yucaipa, I had the privilege of studying under Elizabeth Inrig at Women of Trinity’s weekly Bible Study. In my first year we studied an overview of the Old Testament and saw how some of the kings of the southern kingdom started out well, but didn’t finish well. Elizabeth charged us as women to finish well! This has now become my own personal goal.

The next year we studied The Revelation and got a close view of the end of the story. No matter what is going on in this world, we can rest in hope because Jesus is coming back, and He will be victorious over the enemy. Last year, we had the year-long joy of getting to know our Triune God better as we studied His names, His attributes and His character. A year of learning that God Matters helped prepare us for this fall’s study of the pastorals (1 & 11 Timothy and Titus) as we will see that Church Matters. Now, as a 60-year old woman, my cup runneth over as I see God’s faithfulness in His patience with me and His drawing me closer to Himself through His Word.

Whether you are a woman who is new to Bible Study, belated in its study as I was, or a seasoned student of The Word, please join us on Monday evenings or Wednesday mornings as we fellowship, worship, study God’s Word, and grow in our knowledge of Christ Jesus together. You will be blessed.

Linda Arnett is part of the Women’s Ministries’ CORE, is a Mentor in TMOMS and is a small group leader in Wednesday Bible Study.

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