Legacy of Love

Recently, in preparing my Life Story for a Staff Retreat, I looked back and noted the profound effect individual women over the years had had on me. One loved me when I was a faltering teenage disciple; another spoke wisdom to me on the threshold of my first year in college. Another, when I was a young mother beginning to

obey the Lord with a whole heart, invited me to tell my salvation story and then to lead my first Bible Study. Those stretching experiences changed my life forever and catapulted me into a ministry with women in the local church I wouldn’t change for anything! There is a deep and curious joy when I see older women in our church take seriously the mandate to teach what is good to younger women. There is a wild exhilaration when I watch our younger women care for the things the Lord Jesus values: knowing God, understanding His truth, managing their homes well, loving their families, serving needs with grace and godly charm! And best of all, we see God’s power work through His Word when Titus 2 is followed.

Joan Morrill, Trinity’s first Women’s Ministries’ Director says Pastor Chuck Miller did what Titus 2:3 instructed; he invited twelve women to meet with him so they could learn to carry out the mandate. From that dedicated group to the present leadership of 12 teams composed of a CORE of women, the opportunities to learn, to lead, to love family, and to look for those still seeking are rich and unlimited! They occur throughout the year, many on a weekly basis and include: Monday and/or Wednesday Bible Studies, TMOMS (Mother’s program), Forgiven and Set Free and Sexual Healing Bible Studies, Helping Hands (Mission focus), Titus 2:4 U, Prayer Groups, Retreats, Christian Solitude, Building Spiritual Foundations classes and Evangelistic Outreaches.

Marilyn Palmer, one of the ladies who has found her home in serving women under Women’s Ministries put it this way:

If you need encouragement or a time of laughter or a time of solitude, of learning, of serving or – you fill in the blanks – why not just show up and enjoy the journey!I grew up in a non-Christian home. I was always pretty independent and didn’t like to do things just because other people did them. After I came to know the Lord Jesus, I was afraid to try different programs in the church, especially those related to women. I thought if I did, I would just have the same old experience of feeling alone and excluded. A number of years ago, I began to meet with a prayer group at 6:00 am on a Thursday – just to test the waters and see if they would accept me. When they opened their arms to me and treated me like I was part of them, I felt I had come home. I began to try other things like Bible Study (I am no longer afraid in a small group), the Retreats (I have made new friends and learned so much) and the Foundations class has made me thirsty to learn more about the Bible. I now help in the kitchen, when people are needed, I help the women do projects in Helping Hands and because one of my skills is in money, I serve as one of the women who records the income in Women’s Ministries. I am happy and so at home because these are my sisters and I think God is pleased!”

~ Elizabeth Inrig, Women s Ministries Pastor

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