From Anger to Awe

As far back as I can remember, I have always gone to church. But now as I look back, I really did not know Christ. During my teenage years I stopped going to church and was very rebellious. Then as a young adult my highest priority was weekend plans and having fun. Once we had children, all was well until my youngest daughter was diagnosed as disabled and developmentally-delayed. A lot changed in my life including any relationship I thought I had with God. I was very angry at Him for giving me a child with disabilities. My anger grew and eventually drove me completely away from church and God altogether. Then 2 ½ years ago, a very dear friend brought me back to church – to Trinity. After a lot of soul-searching, tears, anger, and pity parties I changed! I opened up my heart to Jesus through a narrow slit in my heart. He has stayed with me and I am never turning away from him again. Soon my anger towards having a disabled daughter turned to joy, because I now know God chose her for me.

During the past 2 ½ years I have learned so much about Christ and his love and about myself more than I have ever known. As well as inviting me back to church, my dear friend Celeste also encouraged me to go to Women’s Bible Study. There, I am continually learning so much about the Bible, God and stories I never knew. I feel like a child attending school for the first time. The studies have turned my heart from anger to a feeling of passion for the Word. Even though I am starting at square one, I have never felt alone or lost. The small groups have always made me feel so comfortable and able to talk about anything. I also was able to attend the Women’s Retreats and that has made an impact on my soul. Every time I attend, I am so energized and renewed in the Holy Spirit. I have gone from a woman ashamed of her past, to overflowing with peace, happiness and joy.

This change has not only affected me but it has changed my entire family also. My husband, Tracy, and I have started going to the Koinonia small groups and are learning so many new things together. Our oldest daughter, Amanda, is involved in the High School group, volunteers in childcare and working with the children’s classes on Sundays. Ashlee is a part of King’s Kids and loves hanging out with her buddy Roger Coggins. We are all growing as a family into the loving
arms of our Savior. And it all started because a friend cared enough to ask me to come to church and to be part of Women’s Ministries!

~ Laura Wright, Laura is part of Wednesday morning Bible Study and participates in the Building Spiritual Foundations Class.

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