Blown Away

I am married to Doug and have four grown children and six grandchildren. We’ve been part of Trinity Church for seven years. For the last five, I have been part of the Women’s Ministry in Monday night Bible Study and the Seasonal Evangelistic Celebrations. The best way I can describe the effect of being involved with women at Trinity Church is to tell you about a conversation I had with my son. Recently he told me I needed to get an iPhone. He said “You will be blown away at what it can do for you!” I am thinking, “At my age, do I want to be blown away?”

When it comes to being part of serving women at Trinity, that’s how I feel about meeting with a small group to study the Bible with other women on Monday nights: I am blown away!

Its life-changing impact on my mind, my life and relationships is what I love best about committing to study and help others to study God’s Word. Most of all, what I learn about God blows me away! There are two reasons this is true:

First, being involved in a guided study of God’s Word where I can also study it for myself offers me time to be brought to a place where I am learning about God’s character, His Word and His will. The need to do this will never end while I live here on earth! My deep joy and growing hunger for God and His presence is like catching a glimpse of a beautiful sunset. All week I have the privilege of admiring it, seeing it from different angles, studying the colors and understand its beauty during the week. Add to that, the anticipation of sharing what you’ve learned with the small group and getting to hear what THEY saw and loved about that same beautiful sunset – it only builds to a crescendo.

Secondly, just being around other women is good for me! The traits I lack, I learn from women who are good and great at them! Gentleness from my co-leader, hospitality from a small group member, goodness from another leader – the list could go on and I could name them. But I know what I am learning from them because I see it in their lives and it impacts me. And it is the truth of God’s Word in the Spirit’s hands that makes it alive!

Lynn Rae serves as a Monday night small group leader as well as one of the Kitchen leaders for the Evangelistic Outreaches sponsored by Women of Trinity.

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