A Lasting Ministry

One of the greatest ways that Women’s Ministries has impacted me is the way it enables me to be in God’s Word. It is so powerful to be able to share the gospel with my children and friends. Every week I share what I have been learning through the study with my family. Scripture has become such a part of my life that talking about it or sharing it with others seems natural now. Every year I look forward to inviting friends from work to join the Bible Study, come to the retreat, or attend a Women’s Tea.

It hasn’t always been like that for me. A few years ago, when Elizabeth asked me to help lead Bible Study, my first reaction was, “No way!” I just knew there would be questions about the Bible I couldn’t answer. I didn’t grow up going to church and I knew there would be women in my group a lot more knowledgeable. As Elizabeth continued to mentor me, however, I started getting more involved with Women’s Ministries. I now have the honor not only of leading women in a weekly study, but of being part of the retreat committee and on the Women’s Ministries leadership CORE.

The friendships I have formed through Bible Study over the years have been invaluable. I still remember clearly my leader and other women from the first group I attended 12 years ago. I love continuing to see those women at church and hearing how the Lord has been working in their lives. God is so gracious to allow us to pray for each other and see Him reflected in others. Being involved with Women’s Ministries has given me and my family opportunities to reach out to others in need, and to be ministered to in our need. It has been, for me, the clearest picture of what God wants his Church to be.

~Kim Finley

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